"The Bushwackers" "The Bushwackers" - LYNDA CARTER "The Bushwackers" - LYLE WAGGONER

España [Spain]

Español: “Los Abígeos” ["Cattle Thieves"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Il Guerriglieri" ["The Guerilleros"].

France [France]

Français: "Le Voleur De Betail" ["Cattle Thief"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch:  "Wonder Woman in Texas" ["Wonder Woman in Texas"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Guerila-Krigerne" ["Guerilla Warriors"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "Os Batedores" ["The Beaters"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "Japanese" [ Romanji ] "Tibikko Cowboy" ["The Little Cowboys"].

"The Bushwackers" - RICHARD EASTHAM
"The Bushwackers" - BEATRICE COLEN
"The Bushwackers" - ROY ROGERS as P. J. HADLEY.

Episode Number: 12, according to broadcast and production order.

Production Number: 166610.

Original Airdate: Saturday, January 29, 1977.
Writer: Skip Webster.
Director: Stuart Margolin.
Guest Stars:
HENRY DARROW [ Walter Lampkin ].
LANCE KERWIN [ Jeff Hadley ].
Special Guest Star:
ROY ROGERS [ J. P. Hadley ].
TONY GEORGE [ Emmett Dawson ].
DAVID CLARKE [ Sheriff Hansen Bodie ].
JUSTIN RANDI [ Freddie ].
DAVID YANEZ [ Charlie ].
RITA GOMEZ [ Maria ].


"The Bushwackers" - HENRY DARROW as WALTER LAMPKIN. "The Bushwackers" - LANCE KERWIN as JEFF HADLEY. "The Bushwackers" - TONY GEORGE as EMMETT DAWSON.

Texas, September 1942. In Diamond H Ranch in Texas, there's been several robberies of cattle. The ranch raises cattle for the government and worried about this, the ranch's owner J. P. Hadley [ROY ROGERS], asks his friend General Blankenship [RICHARD EASTHAM] for some help from Washington.

   J.P. tells General Blankenship that besides his son Jeff [LANCE KERWIN], he has also adopted five war orphans, one Navajo Indian, a boy from Harlem, one from London, one from Shanghai and one girl from France. General Blankenship promises J.P. Hadley to send the head of his intelligence team, Major Steve Trevor [LYLE WAGGONER].

     Gral. Blankenship informs Steve about his assignment:

Gral. Blankenship: "I know this isn't your average intelli-gence assignment, Steve... but it is important."

Major Steve Trevor: "Yes, sir, I know."

Yeoman Diana Prince: "Well, to think about it, food is as vital to the war effort as bullets."

Major Steve Trevor: "That makes sense."

Private Etta Candy: "My father said that one steak is more morale-boosting than two Betty Grabbles movies."

   Soon after Diana orders Steve's plane to be ready for an immediate take-off and she shows herself worried for him considering that Gral. Blankenship thinks that "those rustlers are dangerous". Steve orders Diana to take three days off because he thinks her problem is "too much work and not nearly enough play". But the minute Steve walks out the door she twirls into Wonder Woman and decides to follow him to Texas just in case of troubles.

   Back in Texas, Walter Lampkin [HENRY DARROW] and the Sheriff Hansen Bodie [DAVID CLARKE] try to convince J.P. Hadley not to call Washington for help. What they don't know is that Major Steve Trevor is already on his way. And... also Wonder Woman following him in her invisible plane.

   Meanwhile in Daybreak, a ghost town five miles from Diamond H Ranch, which also serves as the hideout for the rustlers, Walter Lampkin meets Emmett  Dawson [TONY GEORGE] and tells him about the arrival of Steve Trevor.

   The following morning Steve arrives to Texas but Emmett  Dawson is waiting to intercept him with a booby trap in which he falls. But one of the orphans, an Indian little boy called Charlie Brighteagle [DAVID YANEZ] observes the situation, though he's unable to speak.

   Back in the ranch, Wonder Woman arrives and introduces herself. Then she asks for Major Steve Trevor who was supposed to be already there, but Maria [RITA GOMEZ] informs her that Major Trevor haven't arrive yet. She becomes suspicious, but Charlie leads her to where Steve has been trapped and she rescue him.

   J. P. Hadley has adopted five orphans kids from different nationalities and Wonder Woman befriends them as they ask her many questions regarding her lasso and powers. Jeff [LANCE KERWIN], Hadley's natural son is jealous of these kids and betrays him giving information to Walter Lampkin. Jeff informs about his dad's next moves and also that Wonder Woman will be around. Lampkin asks Jeff to find out what is Wonder Woman's source of power in order to take care of her.

   Back at the ranch they suspect that Walter Lampkin [HENRY DARROW] a Nazi conspirator, may be behind the robberies and Steve is decided to ask the FBI for a report on him.

   Jeff informs Emmett Dawson and while they go for a ride in the ranch his horse runs away frightened by a snake. Wonder Woman saves him and they go back to the ranch, but she stays and is taken prisoner by the rustlers who take away her golden belt. They take her to the ghost town and put her behind bars, but Charlie is watching and recovers Wonder Woman's belt and lasso. He goes back to the ranch and surprisingly speaks and asks the other kids for help.

   All the kids gather and go back to where Wonder Woman's being held. With the help of a big log the break in thru the door and help Wonder Woman. With her golden belt and lasso back, Wonder Woman escapes bending the bars.

   Back at the ranch Jeff confesses to his father that he's being giving information to the enemy cattle rustlers because he was jealous of the other kids. His father ends ups understanding the situation and Jeff explains that Lampkin took advantage of this only by giving him some attention.

   Steve is taken prisoner to the ghost town and locked in a freezer, but Jeff gives Wonder Woman a lead of where they may have taken him. Wonder Woman comes to save the day defeating Walter Lampkin and the other Nazis and frustrating their plans.

"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"
"The Bushwackers"

   Back at the ranch Wonder Woman waves goodbye to the kids, while little Charlie gives her an Indian belt made by himself as a gift to her. She promises to come back and visit him, but all the kid wants is for her to teach him how to lasso with a real rope.

"The Bushwackers" "The Bushwackers" "The Bushwackers"


49:58 (50 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 3-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON".
Seventh of the episodes shown in a regular time slot and no longer using the title of "THE NEW, ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN", simply "WONDER WOMAN". This episode was shot 12th in production and broadcast order.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
When Roy Rogers was contacted to be a guest-star in the "WONDER WOMAN" series he put as a condition that the Wonder Woman character should wear pants and a solid top in the episode since he thought it was inappropriate for Lynda wearing all the time a "bathing suit".
In one of the first scenes when we see ROY ROGERS as J.P. Hadley, teaching the orphans how to make a lasso, he's got an adhesive bandage in one of his fingers. In between close-ups in some of the scenes he's got no longer that bandage.
The badge in the uniform that Henry Darrow wears reads "Davis County Sheriff".
Once again we see Gral. Blankenship wearing a silver bracelet.
Wonder Woman wears her cape for the last time in the first season.
For the first and only time Wonder Woman wears an outfit different to that of her own.
For the third and last time in the series her golden belt and lasso are taken off her.
When Wonder Woman bends the bar to get free from her cell, the other bars shake easily... When she goes thru them, they're straight up.
On this episode we only see Diana at the beginning of the episode. She twirls into Wonder Woman and stays so, the rest of the episode.
We see again the invisible plane on this episode.
We see Wonder Woman rides a horse three times on this episode.
SPINS: 1 time.
LASSO: 2 times.
BRACELETS: 0 times.
JUMPS: 1 time.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Shows super-strength, bends the bars from a cell.

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