"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" "Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - LYNDA CARTER "Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - LYLE WAGGONER

España [Spain]

Español: La Mujer Maravilla en Hollywood ["Wonder Woman In Hollywood"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Wonder Woman Ad Hollywood" ["Wonder Woman In Hollywood"].

France [France]

Français: "Vedette à Hollywood" ["Vedette In Hollywood"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch:  "Hinter den Kulissen" ["Behind The Scenes"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Wonder Woman I Hollywood" ["Wonder Woman In Hollywood"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "A Mulher Maravilha em Hollywood" ["Wonder Woman In Hollywood"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "Japanese" [ Romanji ] "Kieta eiyuutati" ["Disappearing Heroes"].

"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - RICHARD EASTHAM
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - BEATRICE COLEN
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - CAROLYN JONES as THE QUEEN.
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - DEBRA WINGER as DRUSILLA / WONDER GIRL.

Episode Number: 13, according to broadcast and production order.

Production Number: 166611.

Original Airdate: Wednesday, February 16, 1977.
Writer: Jimmy Sangster.
Director: Bruce Bilson.
Guest Stars:
HARRIS YULIN [ Mark Bremer ].
ROBERT HAYS [ Corporal Jim Ames ].
CHRISTOPHER NORRIS [ Gloria Beverly ].
ALAN BERGMANN [ Director ].
Special Guest Star Appearance:
Guest Star:
DEBRA WINGER [ Drusilla / Wonder Girl ].
ROSS BICKEL [ Lt. Bill Rand ].
DAVID HIMES [ Sgt. Harry Willard ].
BARRY VAN DYKE [ Freddy ].
ERIC BOLES [ Roger ].
ALEX RODINE [ Destroyer Captain ].
JUNE WHITLEY TAYLOR [ Receptionist ].


"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - HARRIS YULIN as MARK BREMER. "Wonder Woman In Hollywood" - ROBERT HAYS as CORPORAL JIM AMES. "Wonder Woman In Hollywood" CHRISTOPHER NORRIS as GLORIA BEVERLY

Producer Mark Bremer [HARRIS YULIN] proposes Major Steve Trevor [LYLE WAGGONER] to participate in a movie about four top American heroes recreating their acts of bravery in the screen with the purpose to elevate the soldier's morale and all box-office receipts go to buy war bonds.

   While Steve and Yeoman Diana Prince [LYNDA CARTER] make their way to Hollywood, in Paradise Island the Queen of the Amazons [CAROLYN JONES] announces the celebra-tion of the 2000th anniversary of their arrival to the island in a three-day festival. Under the Amazon's constitution she cannot be the Queen of the celebration, she thinks Diana should be. She sends Drusilla [DEBRA WINGER] her younger daughter in search of Diana who should preside the celebration as  Princess and heir to the throne.

   While the movie is being shot, Drusilla arrives to Hollywood as well as Corporal Jim Ames [ROBERT HAYS], another one of the War heroes who are participating in the movie. Diana goes out the set in search of some coffee for Steve, and she is surprised by the visit of her younger sister. She also notices that they're trying to capture Corporal Ames. She rapidly whirls into Wonder Woman and saves him while Drusilla falls for the young man.

   Drusilla explains Diana her reason to be there, and she tells her that she'll make every possible effort to be there but she thinks that someone is trying to sabotage Mr. Bremer's movie project.

   That night they gather at a party celebrated in Bremer's house. There Steve, Diana and Drusilla meet the other two stars of the film, Sgt. Harry Willard [DAVID HIMES] and Lt. Bill Rand [ROSS BICKEL]. While Steve takes Diana, Drusilla and Corporal Ames for a drink, actress Gloria Beverly [CHRISTOPHER NORRIS] takes Lt. Bill Rand for a private chat and drink, but he's unaware that they're waiting for him to kidnap him. By the end of the party Steve shows himself worried for the sudden disappearance of Lt. Rand. It seems that Bremer is a Nazi himself and his intention was to reunite all war heroes in a movie with the purpose of kidnapping them and take them to Germany as prisoners.  Bremer has not only intentions of kidnapping the four War heroes but also at the end of War take control of the entire film industry.

   The following morning at the WB Studios, Lt. Rand doesn't show on the set. Steve asks Bremer for a list of the guests to his party the previous night, since he's suspicious of Gloria Beverly, the actress Lt. Rand was last seen with. And considering they have tried to kidnap Cpl. Ames and they kidnapped Lt. Rand, he's decided to keep an eye on Sgt. Harry Willard. Meanwhile Diana thinks that is a good idea that Drusilla stays a little bit longer to keep an eye on Cpl. Ames.

   Drusilla and Corporal Ames go out for a drink but it seems he's not so valiant as they say for he's embarrassed when two guys try to fight with him. Nevertheless Drusilla goes to the ladies' room and comes out as Wonder Girl who will save the day, though very disappointed by the attitude of Corporal Ames. Once she's back as Drusilla, she meets Cpl. Ames outside and he tells that he took care of the two men picking at him.

   Back in the set Sergeant Harry Willard disappears after the shooting of a scene. Steve becomes more worried. Meanwhile Drusilla tells Diana that she thinks that Corporal Ames is not very heroic as they say he is, considering the situation she's been thru with him. Steve asks Diana to check the list of the guests of Bremer's party with the local military intelligence office. As Steve is becoming suspicious Bremer plans to kidnap him and Corporal Ames at the same time, and for the purpose they kidnap first his parents.

   Corporal Ames confesses Drusilla that he's really not a war hero, that it was kind of a confusion, but he suddenly receives a call and leaves without explanation.

   The following morning at the Studio, won't show up at the set. Corporal Ames was supposed to pick up Major Steve Trevor and take him to the set, but on their way,   their intercepted by two armed men. Steve tries to fight them but Corporal Ames ends up helping them and pointing a gun at him.

   Back in the studio Bremer tells Diana and Drusilla that they found Steve and Jim's car but no trace of them. Diana decides to investigate.

   Steve and Jim Ames are taken to the submarine where they have taken Willard and Rand before. There Steve gets to know that Bremer is behind all this operation and that Corporal Ames has been obliged to act like this, considering his parents have been kidnapped by him. Bremer communicates that the following day they will be taken to Germany, on his way out, we find that the supposed submarine is only a property on one of his sets.

   Later that afternoon Diana investigates and tries to find actress Gloria Beverly at a casting office. Soon after she interrogates her at a shooting lot, and under the influence of the lasso of truth she tells Wonder Woman that Bremer is behind all this and that he might have taken the prisoners to a hold on Stage 12. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl investigate this stage but it seems it's too late since nobody there. They think that they may find them in Bremer's state and immediately head there.

   They find them at one of Bremen's properties and both intervene to stop them before the war heroes are sent to Germany. To prove that Corporal Ames is a real hero Won-

"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"
"Wonder Woman In Hollywood"

der Woman pretends to be hurt, and this time the guys take care of the situation. One out Wonder Girl finds out that Wonder Woman has been pretending to be hurt and asks her why. She replies: "After what you told me about Jim... I wanted to give him a chance to prove himself."

"Wonder Woman In Hollywood" "Wonder Woman In Hollywood" "Wonder Woman In Hollywood"


49:49 (50 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 3-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON".
This episode is the last one of the first season set in the World War II years.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
In this episode we last see Carolyn Jones playing the Queen of the Amazons. She only appears in one sequence by the beginning of the episode.
This is the last time we see the invisible plane in the first season, and is Drusilla who's driving it.
This is the last time we see Drusilla and Wonder Girl as played by Debra Winger.
When Drusilla spins into Wonder Girl she does in the opposite direction to that of Diana's spin.
This is the last time we see Wonder Woman in her original costume for the forties.
This is one and only time we see Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl both in action in public at the same time, considering than in "FEMINUM MYSTIQUE" Diana suggested Drusilla it was not convenient to let them think there are two Wonder Women.
By the end of the episode outside Bremer's state, we see Drusilla's lasso on the left as usually and in one scene on the right of her golden belt.
This is the last time we see General Blankenship as played by Richard Eastham.
This is the last time we see Private Etta Candy as played by Beatrice Colen.
SPINS: 3 times, one of them by Wonder Girl.
LASSO: 2 times.
BRACELETS: 1 time by Wonder Girl.
JUMPS: 1 time.
THROWN BADDIES: 6, four of them by Wonder Girl.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: shows super-strength.

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