"The Girl From Ilandia" - LYNDA CARTER "The Girl From Ilandia" "The Girl From Ilandia" - LYLE WAGGONER

Espa๑a [Spain]

Espa๑ol: "El Proyectil Asesino"  ["The Murderous Missile"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Il Missile Omicida" ["The Murderous Missile"].

France [France]

Fran็ais: "D้tournement de Missile" ["Deviation Of The Missile"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Das Geheimnis von Burrogone" ["The Secret of Burrogone"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Det Morderiske Missil" ["The Murderous Missile"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "O Mํssil Assassino" ["The Murderous Missile"].


Greek Greek: Japanese ["The Murderous Missile"].


Japanese [Japanese]: Japanese [ Romanji ] "Kyoufu no shin heiki" [ "Telepathy-controlled Missile" ].

"The Murderous Missile" - JAMES LUISI as George.
"The Murderous Missile" - HAL ENGLAND as Capt. Hal Shaver.
"The Murderous Missile" - MARK WITHERS as Luther.

Episode Number: 22, according to broadcast and production order.

Production Number: 166722.

Original Airdate: Friday, April 21, 1978. Second Run: Friday, August 11, 1978.

Writer: Dick Nelson.

Director: Dick Moder.
Guest Stars:
• James Luisi [ George ].
• Mark Withers [ Luther ].
• Warren Stevens [ Sheriff Beal ].
• Steve Inwood [ Mac McDonald ].
• Lucille Benson [ Flo Merkle ].
Special Guest Star:
•  Hal England [ Capt. Hal Shaver ].
•  Sam Edwards [ Ernie ].
• Alan McRae [ Lieutenant ].
• Maurice Sneed [ Corporal ].
• Neil Elliott [ Willlam Ryan ].


"The Murderous Missile" - WARREN STEVENS as Sheriff Beal. "The Murderous Missile" - STEVE INWOOD as Mac McDonald. "The Murderous Missile" - LUCILLE BENSON as Flo Merke.

Diana Prince [LYNDA CARTER] is driving along a dirt road in a semi-desert State when a motorcycle pulls up at the side of her car. The driver revs his engine, overtakes her and continues on his way. Moments later, as Diana turns around a curve she sees the bike lying in the road, wheels spinning and the driver appears unconscious. She slams on the brakes and runs over to the driver. As she leans over to help him, he pulls a gun, gets into her car and drives off, leaving her stranded. She steps behind a tree, whirls into Wonder Woman and pursues him, quickly overtaking the car. As she kicks the front bumper of the car, stopping it dead, the driver, Mac [STEVE INWOOD] is thrown forward and his head hits the metal frame over the windshield. He is knocked unconscious. She then whirls back into Diana as she hears the sound of police sirens.

   A few minutes later, a sheriff's car appears and Sheriff Beal [WARREN STEVENS] thanks Diana for catching Mac and insists she come back to town and sign a statement. He questions her about her business in the area of Burrogone. She tells him that she is on her way to the Red Mountain Army Missile Range to meet a friend. This upsets the sheriff, and when he gets back into his car, he radios his assistant, Luther [MARK WITHERS], and tells him to alert everyone in town that he's bringing in a stranger. Diana follows him back to town in her car. Once in town, the Sheriff tells Diana to take her car over to the town's gas station as it is the only one for 200 miles. So she drives her car over to the gas station. She observes the townspeople, she thinks they are acting a little suspiciously, but can't figure out why. The Sheriff invites Diana to come and make her statement, he takes as long as he can to write it down and check he has it correct and Diana is growing increasingly impatient. She is worried that she won't arrive at the missile range on time.

   Meanwhile, Steve Trevor [LYLE WAGGONER] concerned that Diana has not yet arrived leaves word at the gate for her to be given a fast escort so that she'll be there in time for the countdown. Mac is thrown into Jail. They place him onto the bed in the cell as he is still unconscious. Luther is told to go and collect Mac's motorcycle from the roadside before anyone finds it. When they leave Mac comes around and goes over to the wall at the back of his cell. In a certain spot several of the bricks are lose, he scrapes between them and removes a few bricks then reaches into the hole and pulls out a bag with the equipment he needs to complete his escape. He removes more bricks then climbs through the hole and out of the jail.

   Diana returns to the gas station to find that the service station guy has torn the fuel pump out of her car. She can't go anywhere until he fixes it. She gets back in her car, annoyed that she is now going to be even later. She tries to turn on the radio but there is no signal. She is approached by a guy who says that he is Just George. He asks if she'd like to buy a newspaper and after noticing that it is out-of-date Diana says she will buy it if George will answer a few questions. She asks him if there is a car rental service, a bus or a taxi service and he tells her that the town has none of these things. She asks him if there is a public telephone and he tells her that Flo has one, but she isn't home. Diana is frustrated that she can't even call anyone to come and pick her up. She tells George that she has the feeling that something very strange is going on and he makes a run for it. She runs after him and notices a metallic reflection on the hillside.

   At the test site an officer wears a special metal helmet, which picks up his brain waves, which are then relayed to the missile through any ordinary radio transmitter. The missile itself carries a computer which translates the brain waves into directions, controlling firing mechanisms as well as aiming systems. It is an import and test today. The officer reports that only one of the helmets has arrived at the base, the other has been stolen.

   Diana still trying to catch George arrives at the top of the hill and she is suddenly being chased by two men in dune buggies. She takes cover and whirls into Wonder Woman and goes on the counterattack, leaping over the top of the buggies as they speed toward her. One of the dune buggies goes out of control, and before she can catch the driver, a shriek from George [JAMES LUISI], known as the village idiot, who befriended Diana, diverts her. A dune buggy is bearing down on George. She snatches George to safety and the other dune buggy is driven off. Back in town, Mac, who is hiding outside the Sheriff's office overhears the Sheriff and Luther talking. The Sheriff says that they need to get rid of Diana and he will get Flo to do it.

   Diana gets back and makes a visit to Flo's house to try the phone. She asks Flo if she can make a call to the test site but there is too much static, just like her car radio. She tells Flo that she has started to think that someone is jamming communication in and out of Burrogone. Flo offers her a cup of tea, putting poison into Diana's cup as she pours the tea. Diana asks her if she knows what the town name means, Flo replies that it doesn't mean anything. Outside the house, looking in the window, is Mac. He is signaling her not to drink the tea, so she knocks it over and runs out of the house when Flo goes to fetch a towel to clean it up. She looks around to see where Mac has gone and here's a whisper a little way away, following it's directions she finds Mac.

   She queries Mac on his behavior. He tells her that he-grew up on Burrogone, left for college and came back to town to visit his uncle, the sheriff. Sheriff Beal is an imposter as is everyone in town. Mac then shows her a poster he found by the railroad tracks. It reads, 'Free! Weekend in Las Vegas for Entire Population of Burrogone!' Diana immediately knows it is a plan to steal the Army missile.

• Mac: Pssst, lady, listen...I don't know what your name is but you have to trust me.

• Diana Prince: Trust you, I can't even see you! And if you are who I think you are you pulled a gun on me and if it hadn't been for Wonder Woman you would've stolen my car.

• Mac: Well listen, I understand that you travel in the best of company but I still thought you were one of them. Lady, you've gotta trust me. I heard them plan it with Flo for her to kill you. Okay you don't believe me? Go inside and have a cup of tea.

• Diana Prince: Okay, okay, where do we talk?

• Mac: Turn to your right, there's a freight depot.
He grabs Diana's arm, making her jump.

• Mac: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure you weren't being followed okay.

• Diana: Who are you?
• Mac: Mac. Mac McDonald.
• Diana: Okay?

• Mac: One time citizen of Burrogone. But I'm a for real citizen.

• Diana: They put you in the jail. How did you get out, Mac McDonald?

• Mac: My uncle's the sheriff of this town. When I was 13 years old Jail Break Willy taught me how to bust out of jail. Hey listen, I was just passing through town, I figured I'd come and say hello to Uncle Bert. I get into town and nobody, I mean nobody is who they're supposed to be, especially Uncle Bert.

• Diana Prince: Well if Flo or Ernie are any indication I'd say they're all imposters. Am I right?

• Mac: Every last one of them. I wanna show you something.

He takes out a poster. "Free weekend in Las Vegas for entire population of Burrogone. April 13th,14th and 15th." Today's the 14th right?

• Diana Prince: That's right.
• Mac: There's nobody in town.

• Diana Prince: Alright. But we still don't know who these people are or what they're up to.

• Mac: No. except the only obvious thing they've done is they've got a portable generator and they've put it inside the barn at the end of town.

• Diana: Yes I've seen that building. Okay then it's your turn to trust me okay?

• Mac: Okay.

• Diana Prince: I think it's part of a plan to steal an army missile being tested in about an hour from the Red Mountain Missile Range.

• Mac: What's our next move?

• Diana Prince: Well your next move is to do whatever you have to get out of town. Go to Captain Hal Shafer at the Red Mountain test area and tell him to abort the Athena flight.

• Mac: What about you? Are you going to be okay?

• Diana Prince: Well I'm going to do everything I can to put that generator out of commission. Go on and be careful.

   Back at the IADC Steve shows the head of the project photographs of people who have left or been taken off the Athena project and therefore might be responsible for the theft of the helmet. The man doesn't recognize any of the faces in the photographs.

   Diana whirls into Wonder Woman and heads for the town's generator. She whirls into Wonder Woman and leaps through the barn door. Two men open fire on her. She deflects the bullets when suddenly a voice yells for everyone to knock it off. She sees Sheriff Beal with an arm around George's neck. He tells Wonder Woman to give up or he will kill George. She asks why she can't just leave and leaps up onto one of the beams above. After swinging around several beams she leaps down and knocks the Sheriff off his feet. George begins to hit the Sheriff and when Wonder Woman leans over to try to stop him he fires a cloud of toxic gas into her face. She slumps to the floor and is immediately unconscious. She is taken to the jail and chained to the cell floor.

   At the test site, the missile is launched, approaches the target and then the controller starts "thinking" it back to the launch pad. It is not responding. Someone nearby with a powerful transmitter is taking the missile away from them. Mac arrives with the message from Diana, to abort the mission, but he is too late. The missile is heading for Burrogone. It is George who is wearing the helmet controlling the missile. As the missile lands in Burrogone, Beal and all the other "townspeople" drink champagne to celebrate, all except George. Suddenly, they all realize they have been drugged. George plans to build other helmets and to make airlines and the military pay to protect their planes from thought controlled missiles. He puts on the helmet and heads for his bike.

   Wonder Woman regains consciousness and realizes what has happened. She breaks free from the chains, then out of the cell and after checking the people are still alive she heads outside. She hears the sound of George's bike and whirls into Wonder Woman cycle costume. She leaps onto a motorcycle and takes off after him. He is riding along the highway, wearing the helmet, the rocket following him. He suddenly sees Wonder Woman behind him, the M.P.'s are also trying to catch him. He does a U-turn and wills the rocket toward Wonder Woman. As the rocket heads toward her, Wonder Woman and the cycle jump over the rocket. She continues the chase and they face off against each other, heading straight towards Wonder Woman George loses control and falls from the bike, then tries to escape on foot but Wonder Woman easily catches up to him and takes the helmet from him.

   George is taken away by the military police as are the fake "townies." Steve explains to Diana by phone that George is not the village idiot at all, but a scientist named Dr Wonderly who was fired off the project for playing footsies with a foreign government. Diana is very pleased for now Burrogone can return to the small, happy town that it was before its residents all left for Las Vegas.

• Diana Prince: Hal. You know I should've known these people weren't the real residents of Burrogone when old Flo gave it away. She didn't know what the name meant.

• Hal: Burrogone? What does it mean?
• Diana Prince: Why don't you tell him Mac?

• Mac: I'll tell you what, I'll tell him the story if you promise to have lunch with me tomorrow.

• Diana Prince: Okay.

• Mac: The story goes that there was this old prospector and he came into town and he met these Indians and he taught them how to play poker. Only he taught them so well that he lost everything he owned, except his mule. So he takes his mule and puts it in the last pot.

• Hal: And?

• Mac: That's what Burrogone means! This is the town that he lost his jackass in!

"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile"
"The Murderous Missile" "The Murderous Missile" "The Murderous Missile"


48:38 (48 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 4-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON".
Twenty-second and last episode regular episode of "THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN", first season on CBS, second season of the series. 
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
The missile is called Athena which, like Diana, is the name of a Greek Goddess.
Diana Prince had previously read about curious Western places names so knew the origin of the name Burrogone.
Capt. Hal Shaver is at the Red Mountain Test Area.
The set used for Flo's house was previously used in other episodes like "S้ance of Terror".
In many scenes wires holding the missile are seen.
SPINS: 4 times.
LASSO: 0 times.
BRACELETS: 2 times.
JUMPS: 5 times.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Stops car with her foot. Breaks free from chains, breaks out of cell.

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