"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - LYNDA CARTER "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - LYLE WAGGONER

España [Spain]

Español: "El Hombre Que No Hablaría"  ["The Man That Wouldn't Tell"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "L'Uomo Che Non Poteva Parlare" ["The Man That Wouldn't Tell"].

France [France]

Français: "Formule Secrète" ["Secret Formula"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Die Jagd auf Alan" ["The Hunt For Alan"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Manden Som Ikke Sige Noget" ["The Man That Wouldn't Tell"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "O Homem Que Não Podia Falar" ["The Man That Wouldn't Tell"].


Greek Greek: Japanese ["The Man That Wouldn't Tell"].


Japanese [Japanese]: Japanese [ Romanji ] "Soudatsu! Senzai nyuu bakuyaku" [ "Struggle! The New Explosive Detergent" ].

"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - SAUNDRA SHARP as Eve.
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - PHILLIP MICHAEL THOMAS as Rudolph Furst.
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - GARY BURGHOFF as Alan Akroy.

Episode Number: 20, according to broadcast order and 21 according to production order.

Production Number: 166721.

Original Airdate: Friday, March 31, 1878.  Second Run: Friday, September 8, 1978.

Writer: Anne Collins.

Director: Alan Crosland.
Guest Stars:
Jane Actman [ Meg Kellogg ].
Philip MICHAEL Thomas [ Rudolph Furst ].
Michael Cole [ Ted ].
Millie Slavin [ B.W. ].
Special Guest Star:
 Gary Burghoff [ Alan Akroy ].
 Saundra Sharp [ Eve ].
Tony Brubacker [ Tom ].


"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" - JANE ACTMAN as Meg Kellogg. "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"

At night, in the Los Angeles business district, two men are in a truck filled with surveillance equipment. They have their camera pointed at a laboratory located inside the Whittaker building. They observe the scientists as they work on their formula. They finish for the night, having been unable to make any progress and the two men decide that they two will call it a night. Just before they turn the equipment off they see the janitor, Alan, enter the lab.

   The student, Alan Akron [GARY BURGHOFF] is working his way through college as a janitor. He is busy cleaning a lab where just moments before two scientists were experimenting with chemicals. He is using a squirt bottle of cleaner, spraying the counter when suddenly some pink liquid starts to bubble and fizz. He becomes frightened and runs for the door, escaping just before an explosion occurs that engulfs the room and rocks the building. A huge fire starts. While this is going on the two men realize that something has just been discovered in the lab and head off to report back to their boss.

   One of the men, Ted [MICHAEL COLE], reports to his superior, Rudolph Furst [PHILIP M. THOMAS] of Furst Enterprises and tells him what happened. Furst instructs Ted to find Alan Akroy immediately. It seems he discovered a new explosive chemical accidentally while three scientists from Hopewell organization, Furst's enemy, couldn't come up with the formula. It is too dangerous a chemical to be out on the open market. As a result, Diana Prince [LYNDA CARTER] is sent to Los Angeles from Washington, D.C. to try to locate Alan.

   In the meantime, Alan returns to his trailer, waters his plants and makes plans to get out of town in a hurry. He sees the police arrive so he climbs out of his window and makes a run for it.

   Back at the IADC Eve asks IRAC about Alan Akroy. He says the only information that he has on him is that he has laundry that needs to be collected from the Cleaning Up Company.

   Diana Prince arrives in LA and heads for the laundry. When she gets there it is Ted who meets her and offers to show her around. He leads her to the laundry room but she is suspicious. Pretty soon she has been surrounded by Ted and two other men. She pulls a laundry bag open over Ted's head and pushes another man out of the way then runs behind a machine and whirls into Wonder Woman. She throws one man into a dryer, the other onto a metal beam and lasso's Ted. She asks him why he was attacking Diana Prince. He tells her that he was to get rid of her and find Alan Akroy. He is working for Rudolph Furst Enterprises. When she has returned to her car Diana calls Steve.

Steve Trevor: Trevor.

Diana Prince: Steve.
Steve Trevor: Diana. How are you?

Diana Prince: Well I'm not sure. Rudolph Furst just tried to take me to the cleaners.

Steve Trevor: You okay?
Diana Prince: Yeah, these industrialists play for keeps.
Steve Trevor: Hopewell and Furst?

Diana Prince: You got it. Furst is in this up to his corporate wad.

Steve Trevor: Yeah. Now there's a pair to draw to. You better get over to Furst Enterprises.

Diana Prince: I'm on my way Steve.
Steve Trevor: What about Akroy?
Diana Prince: I think he's in over his head.
Steve Trevor: Got a line on him?
Diana Prince: Running.
Steve Trevor: Any idea where?
Diana Prince: So far just running.
Steve Trevor: Stay with it.
Diana Prince: Bye.

   Realizing he has no money, Alan visits his girlfriend, Meg [JANE ACTMAN] and asks if he can borrow $50.She agrees to hide the money in a trash can at the airport. Meanwhile, at the IADC Steve asks IRAC about the Hopewell and Furst companies and about Alan Akroy but IRAC is unable to give him a profile of Alan until later.

   Diana visits Furst but he won't admit that he was responsible for her attack. She leaves, disgusted by his dishonesty and is tailed by two of his men. While thumbing his way out of town, he is picked up by a pleasant-looking woman named B.W. [MILLIE SLAVIN]. During a conversa-tion, he realizes that she is employed by Hopewell and is kidnapping him. He quickly jumps from the car and starts running.

   Steve contacts Diana to tell her that Akroy is headed to stay with a distant cousin in Bakersfield and that he'll probably be wearing a disguise. She heads to the airport where she watches Alan from a distance. He calls Meg to check that she has left the money and to ask her to water his plants. As he's talking on the phone the garbage man takes away the bag with the money in and Alan chases after him. Diana intercepts him, telling him that she wants to help him, she knows who he is and that he can trust her, but he manages to escape from her also. She runs after him and whirls into Wonder Woman.

   Alan reaches a multi-storey carpark and is still running when suddenly Wonder Woman leaps through the air and lands directly in his path. She notices that he is staring at someone directly behind her and as she turns, Wonder Woman sees B.W. with a gun pointing at both of them. Alan races off once again, and as B.W. raises her gun, Wonder Woman quickly reaches out, grabs the barrel of the gun before she can fire. Alan ducks into a store front and standing there waiting for him is Ted and another Furst employee. Alan, realizing there is no way to escape now, lets the two men escort him away.

   He is led to Furst's office. Furst tells Alan that he wants him to recreate the fire. He did something with some chemicals while he was cleaning that caused the explosion and Furst wants to know what he did. Alan refuses. Diana goes to see Meg, to talk to her about Alan but she says she doesn't know where he is and she doesn't care. It seems that Alan has had several girlfriends and Meg is fed up with him. She storms off leaving Diana standing there with an _expression of disbelief.

   Diana goes to find Meg and as she approaches Meg's car she sees that B.W. is doing something to the engine. She whirls into Wonder Woman and sneaks up on B.W., taking her by the wrist and with the other hand removing the handle from each one of B.W's car doors, then she tells B.W. to get in. She puts up all the windows, pulls out the electrics, removes the steering wheel, then shuts the door, leaving B.W. unable to escape.

Wonder Woman: Something tells me that this is a bit of repair work that Meg Kellogg did not authorize. Now Meg would get off work, be unable to start her car and you'd just happen to drop by and offer her a lift.

B.W.: Yeah, but I wasn't going to hurt her, I mean I just wanted to make sure she'd stay put once I dropped her off at her place, without a car she...

Wonder Woman: Right...get in... and please, go on.

B.W.: I just wanted to make it easier for whoever has Akroy to find her. If the kid doesn't talk, and chances are he won't, then they'll go after her to make him talk and when they did I was going to go after them.

Wonder Woman: Well now you're not going anywhere.
B.W.: But you can't just leave me here like this.

Wonder Woman: Let's look at it this way, when the police come you can tell them exactly what you were doing over there and when Hopewell bails you out again you'll be a free woman. And gee I hope I don't forget to call them. Bye!

   A man takes a syringe and injects Alan and soon he is higher than a kite. He still refuses to give Furst the information he requests. Furst is thoroughly aggravated and instructs Ted to go get his girlfriend, Meg.

   In the meantime, Diana visits Meg at Alan's trailer and tries to warn her that she is in danger because or Alan. As she is telling her this the trailer is being attached to Ted's truck, the door swings open and there stands Ted -gun in hand - and takes the two women to Furst's office. Meg is now scared. As Ted takes her to Furst, Diana leans over and whispers in Meg's ear to tell Alan to stall as long as he can. When Alan sees Meg, he tells Furst and his men that they grabbed the one girl he really loves and to lead him to the lab and he will tell them anything they want to know.

   In the lab, with Meg being held prisoner, Alan is recreating his actions the evening the lab blew up. Meanwhile Diana manages to convince Ted that the IADC has the real Alan Akroy, that the one in the lab is a fake and that the IADC now has the formula. He is worried by what she says so takes her to discuss it with Furst. She manages to knock Ted into an elevator and when the door re-opens Wonder Woman is facing him. She pulls the controls out of the elevator and he is trapped on the first floor.

   Alan is stalling and this is irritating Furst. Meg is threatened. Suddenly the door opens and Wonder Woman, who managed to escape from Ted and then captures him, crashes into the room. One of the men fires at her and she deflects the bullets easily with her bracelets. She then ducks, leaps sidesteps, etc., to avoid the colored beakers thrown at her by Furst. As one of Furst's men run for the door, she catches him, whirls him backwards into Furst, they lie in a heap on the floor. She then walks over to Alan, slips the lasso around his shoulders and makes him forget everything that happened the night he blew up the lab. He smiles in genuine relief, as does Meg, and the two of them are grateful to the wonderful Wonder Woman.

"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"
"The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell" "The Man Who Wouldn't Tell"


48:37 (48 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 4-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON".
Twentieth regular episode of "THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN".
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
Diana Prince reads the Washington Chronicle newspaper.
The laundry which Diana visits is on Orchard Boulevard.
Diana's license plate reads 595 TYY.
Alan only has $3.78 when he goes on the run.
Building number 3580, used here for Furst's headquarters appears in many other episodes.
Jane Actman, seen here playing Meg, appears again in the season 3 episode "The Girl With A Gift For Disaster".
GARY BURGHOFF, was Lynda's fellow bandmember on the band "THE RELATIVES" when they were on Arcadia High School.
This is the last episode to feature SAUNDRA SHARP as Eve.
SPINS: 2 times.
LASSO: 3 times.
BRACELETS: 2 times.
JUMPS: 2 times.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Bends gun, removes car door handles and steering wheel.

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