002 ANSCHLUSS '77 SEPTEMBER 23, 1977

"Anchluss '77" "Anchluss '77" - LYNDA CARTER "Anchluss '77" - LYLE WAGGONER

España [Spain]

Español: "La Reunion del ‘77" ["The Reunion of '77"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Il Ritorno Del Furer" ["The Return Of The Fuhrer"].

France [France]

Français: "Anschluss '77" ["Anschluss '77"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch: "Gespentisches Cloning" ["The Ghost Cloning"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Anschluss '77" ["Anschluss '77"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "Anexação 77" ["Anschluss '77"].


Greek Greek: "Anschluss '77" ["Anschluss '77"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "Japanese" [ Romanji ] "Kyoufu no fukusei ningen yomigaetta hitoraa"   ["Hitler Clone of Terror"].

"Anchluss '77" - NORMANN BURTON
"Anchluss '77" - MEL FERRER as Fritz Gerlich
"Anchluss '77" - LEON CHARLES as Dr. Stern / Dr. Heinrich Von Kempler

Episode Number: #2, according to broadcast and production order; #15 according to the whole series run.

Production Number: 166702.

Original Airdate: Friday, September 23, 1977.

Writer: Dallas S. Barnes.
Contributing Writer: Frank Telford.
Director: Alan Crosland.
Guest Stars:
MEL FERRER [ Fritz Gerlich ].
LEON CHARLES [ Dr. Stern / Dr. Heinrich Von Klemper ].
BARRY DENNEN [ Hitler ].
KURT KREUGER [ Köenig ].
JULIO MEDINA [ Captain Gaitan ].
TOM ORMENY [ Johan Rogel ].
PETER NYBERG [ Carl Strasser ].


"Anchluss '77" - BARRY DENNEN as Hitler "Anchluss '77" - KURT KREUGER as Köenig "Anchluss '77" - JULIO MEDINA as Captain gaitan

Inter Agency Defense Command Headquarters - Washington, D.C. Steve shows Diana a copy of "Tempo" magazine which features Wonder Woman on the cover:

Steve Trevor Jr.: "Diana have you seen this?"

Diana Prince: "Yes, as a matter of fact, I have. I picked up a fresh copy off the newsstand just last night. It seems to me that the tone of this article is a little skeptical."

Steve Trevor Jr.: "I'm not surprised. You should've seen the reporters' faces when they asked me about her age.  And I told them she was about 27. 2,527, to be exact."

Diana Prince: "She doesn't look a day over 2,526."

Steve Trevor Jr.: "She'll be glad to hear that. I must admit though... it's as much of a mystery to me as it was to my father years ago. I was standing as close to Wonder Woman as I am to you right now. And she looked as young and beautiful and fascinating..."

Diana Prince: [Trying to distract Steve's attention...] "Your father a major, wasn't he?"

Steve Trevor Jr.: "Yeah, the old Army Air Corps."

Jo Atkinson: [As he enters the office...] "And I was in a cloak and carrying a dagger for the OSS. Seems like yesterday."

Diana Prince: [showing the magazine] "Did you see this?"

Joe Atkinson: "Yes, thank you, Diana. Actually, I'm not sure they believe every word you've told them, Steve."

Steve Trevor Jr.: "I don't care what they believe. As far as I'm concerned, Wonder Woman's back and..."

Diana Prince: "Steve Trevor's got her?"
Steve Trevor Jr.: "Don't I wish."

   Steve, Diana and Joe Atkinson go to receive instructions from the President for their next mission. A former high ranking Nazi Intelligence Officer, Fritz Gerlich [MEL FERRER], is living in San Rafael, Cordova, and using this town as a base for what the Nazis are calling, by code name, "Anschluss '77." Eager and curious to find out why Gerlich has picked a dusty, isolated town, Major Steve Trevor [LYLE WAGGONER] and his assistant Diana Prince [LYNDA CARTER] -Wonder Woman in disguise -are sent to South America to investigate.

   San Rafael, the capitol of Cordova, a dusty and isolated little community. As Diana and Steve arrive, they're supposed to meet Captain Gaitan [JULIO MEDINA] but he's not there. While Diana keeps an eye on the luggage, Steve goes in search of Medina, but the Nazis are observing, a thief steals Steve's wallet. Diana quickly whirls into Wonder Woman and saves Steve though the thugs escape. Steve is surprised to see Wonder Woman in South America. It seems that Steve have pulled a muscle in his shoulder and Wonder Woman easily cures him by pressuring her fingers. She explains it's a principle similar to acupuncture that she learned centuries ago from a Chinese doctor.

   Gerlich is surprised by the fact of Wonder Woman's appearance, and decides that Diana must be and important American agent and the she must be aware of Steve's acts. Meanwhile Ste and Diana meet Captain Gaitan and discuss about what happened earlier. Diana shows Gaitan an old photo of Gerlich from World War II, and Gaitan admits he has seen him a couple of times outside of Dr. Stern's house.

   Steve and Diana investigate in Dr. Stern's house and they find some books and documentation about a medical treatise about cellular mutation or cloning. Meanwhile the Nazis have dispatched agents to kidnap Diana at Dr. Stern's house.

   Taken to an abandoned mine shaft, Diana is questioned about her purpose for being in San Rafael. Refusing to answer, Gerlich orders Diana's hands and feet bound and they tie her to a beam. Another rope wrapped around her hand cuffs leads to sticks of dynamite placed on a ledge just above her head. As Gerlich and his henchmen leave, they light the fuse with the warning that it is a two-minute fuse. Perhaps this way she will talk...

   Wonder Woman realizes she must use all her power and strength to break loose. After attempting and failing to remove the fuse with her teeth, she changes her tactics -breaks loose and spins into Wonder Woman. She grabs the sticks of dynamite leaves them further into the mine shaft and after the explosion, Gerlich assumes she is dead. He immediately leaves for a waiting helicopter with Wonder Woman in pursuit. As the helicopter rises, Wonder Woman leaps and grabs the struts beneath the helicopter. She is carried across the countryside and as the helicopter descends, she drops off and lands near the Nazi's secret base at Campo Grande.

   As Diana again, she seeks out Steve and together they drive to Campo Grande. She tells Steve that she barely left before the explosion and tells him that she's been able to see them leaving in a helicopter heading to Campo Grande. She also tells Steve that she saw Gerlich with two legs and standing in his own two feet.

   Back at Campo Grande, Gerlich and Köenig [KURT KREUGER] welcome Johan Rogel [TOM ORMENY] and Karl Strasser [PETER NYBERG] who will be assisting Dr. Heinrich Von Klemper [LEON CHARLES], who has perfected a process called cloning and has plans to make a clone of Adolph Hitler [BARRY DENNEN] for the 39th anniversary of the Austrian anschluss. It seems that Dr. Von Kempler has been working on the process since 1945 which basically is an acceleration of the healing process through cellular re-genesis. Soon after Von Klemper shows them the process and he successfully clones der fuehrer himself!

   Steve and Diana arrive at Campo Grande and they find concrete bunkers, tanks, armored cars and watch the training of a firing range with Brown shirts. Now they get a better idea of what Anschluss '77 may be about. While Steve will try to infiltrate Diana goes back to call Gaitan for help. On her way back to rejoin Steve she finds a tank on her way that shoots at her. She quickly runs into a spot and whirls into Wonder Woman and stops the tank.

   Posing as a Nazi agent Steve is surprised to see the fuehrer alive as is Wonder Woman, who is watching nearby:

Hitler: "More than 47 years ago... I stood in a small Munich beer hall... and spoke to a small band of loyal followers. I was scorned as a powerless nobody... but my small band of  Brown Shirts grew into thousands... and the thousands into millions... and we conquered a third of the world!"

Brown Shirts: "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil"

Hitler: "I again speak to a small band of loyal followers brought here from all over the world. Again we shall grow into millions. History shall repeat itself. A new Anschluss has begun!"

Brown Shirts: "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil"

Hitler: "When you men leave this location you will return to the cells which you will head in Latin America, Europe, Africa. Those who remains will launch the first assaults wherein that flag will be carried into battle. A police post tomorrow, a provincial capital next week, and within days, weeks, we shall see the world at war!"

Brown Shirts: "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil"

   Arriving at the lab, Steve, in Nazi uniform, relieves the guard. Entering the lab, they overpower Dr. Stern, who is in fact Dr. Heinrich Von Kempler. Wonder Woman interrogates him and he reveals that the cloning process isn't finished yet, he must have additional treatments for complete stabilization of the cellular structure. The three of them wait for Adolph Hitler to arrive. As soon as he does, Wonder Woman posing as the doctor's new assistant, racing against time, activates the reversal process and very slowly Hitler's body fades away and "Anschluss '77" is ended.

"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"
"Anchluss '77"

   The following day, back in Washington D.C. Steve and Diana make a full report about their mission, though Joe Atkinson is sort of skeptical about what happened. Steve and Diana explain to Joe Atkinson that it was thank to Wonder Woman that the cloning of Hitler was reverted, the laboratory destroyed and Anschluss '77 smashed. "It's too bad that you weren't there to witness this magical transformation, Diana", says Joe Atkinson. And Diana thinks: "But Wonder Woman was".

"Anchluss '77" "Anchluss '77" "Anchluss '77"


48:08 (48 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 4-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON" and the Volume One of the British DVD edition of "THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN".
First regular episode of "THE NEW ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN".
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
When Diana ask Joe Atkinson about his daughter's birthday, we get to know that he has a daughter.
The office were Steve, Diana and Joe Atkinson received instructions from the President is numbered #35207.
We get to see Steve Trevor Jr.'s ID and we get to know that his name is Steve L. Trevor Jr. (his father's name was Steve Leonard Trevor); his card ID number is HQ69412, effective since 1972; his charge is "deputy director" and he is under Joe Atkinson's office SP9017.
Most of the signs in the imaginary country of Cordova are in Spanish, but to our surprise the little sign in Captain Gaitan's shirt reads in English "Capt. Gaitan" the abbreviation of Captain in English, being in Spanish "Cap. Gaitan".
When Wonder Woman meets Steve in San Rafael, there's a sign in Spanish in the walls behind. That sign reads: "Mecánico por motocicletas y coches" which stands for "mechanic for motorbikes and cars" but the correct spelling should have been "Mecánico de motocicletas y coches".
The plate's number for the car that Steve and Diana drive in Cordova is Cordova AH 7811.
The helicopter in which Wonder Woman hangs off from has the number N58589.
In spite of what the executives may have thought Lynda Carter herself hang off from the helicopter instead of using a stunt double.
In the process of cloning Hitler, we can see a wire lifting his boots.
Wonder Woman must dial 4,6,8 and finally 11 to revert the cloning process.
It's the second time that Wonder Woman wears another outfit rather than that of herself. She poses as Dr. Von Klemper assistant taking off her tiara and boots.
SPINS: 3 times.
LASSO: 1 times.
BRACELETS: 0 times.
JUMPS: 5 times.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Applies acupuncture principles which she learned centuries ago.

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