"Beauty On Parade" "Beauty On Parade" - LYNDA CARTER "Beauty On Parade" - LYLE WAGGONER

España [Spain]

Español: “Desfile de Belleza” ["Beauty Parade"].

Italia [Italy]

Italiano: "Sfilata Di Bellezza" ["Beauty Parade"].

France [France]

Français: "Le Concours de Beauté" ["The Beauty Contest"].

Deustchland [Germany]

Deustch:  "Der Schönheitswettbewerb" ["The Beauty Contest"].

Danmark [Denmark]

Danske: "Skøonhesparaden" ["Beauty Parade"].

Brasil [Brazil]

Portuguese: "Beleza em Desfile" ["Beauty On Parade"].


Japanese [Japanese]: "Japanese" [ Romanji ] "Warui yatuhodo bijoga suki"  ["Badman Likes Beauty"].

"Beauty On Parade" - RICHARD EASTHAM
"Beauty On Parade" - BEATRICE COLEN
"Beauty On Parade" - ANNE FRANCIS

Episode Number: #3, according to broadcast order and production order.

Production Number: 166601.

Original Airdate: Sunday, October 13, 1976.
Writer: Ron Friedman.
Director: Richard Kinom.
Guest Stars:
ANNE FRANCIS [ Lola Flynn ].
DICK VAN PATTEN [ Jack Wood ].
Special Guest Stars:
BOBBY VAN [ Monty Burns ].
APRIL TATO [ Betty Lou ].
DERNA WYLDE [ Rosalie ].
WAYNE GRACE [ Captain ].
HENRY DEAS [ Stage Hand ].
BILL ADLER [ Sentry ].


"Beauty On Parade" - DICK VAN PATTEN "Beauty On Parade" - BOBBY VAN "Beauty On Parade" - CHRISTA HELM

Security Entrance of Fort Russell, Maryland. Dawn of May 1942. A military truck transporting parts of a scanning device is sabotaged, and it seems it hasn't been the only one. General Blankenship [RICHARD EASTHAM] sends Major Steve Trevor [LYLE WAGGONER] to investigate at Fort Russell.

   Steve and Yeoman Diana Prince [LYNDA CARTER] argue with Colonel Flint [WILLIAM LANTEAU], who is in charge of the Base's security, when a group of beautiful girls appear on a jeep with famous comedian Jack Wood [DICK VAN PATTEN]. Steve and Diana are surprised by the presence of these civilians in the base but Col. Flint tells them that a beauty contest is gonna take place at the base: Miss G.I. Dream Girl 1942. It seems that the preliminary rounds have been taken place in Fort Hughes and McKenzie Field, the sites of the former sabotage operations. Diana suggests Steve that one female agent should enter the contest, and innocently offers herself for the job, although Steve thinks she has no chance.

   While the girls are rehearsing under the guidance of former beauty queen Lola Flynn [ANNE FRANCIS] and musical director Monty Burns [BOBBY VAN], Diana appears on scene wearing a red wig and a sexy dress. Under the name of Diana Paradise she introduces herself with the intention of entering the contest. At first Burns opposes to that idea, but when Jack Wood looks at her, he definitively thinks she deserves an opportunity, and after a dance test she's hired. Soon she finds Rita [CHRISTA HELM] who warns her about keeping off her way, since she's convinced that she will be the winner.

   Later, Mayor Steve Trevor leaves the base but he's followed and intercepted by two armed men. Fortunately Wonder Woman also followed him and comes to the rescue. She uses her lasso to find out something about the saboteurs but it seems that they've been hired by an anonymous call.

   Back at the base Monty Burns finds that there's no Diana Paradise registered at the base and becomes suspicious of Diana. A few hours later Diana is in the girl's room where Lola Flynn is about to warn her about the hidden intentions behind the beauty contest, but Jack Wood interrupts. Steve calls Diana under the codename of "Uncle George" to tell her that another sabotage may occur that same night at 10:00 P.M.

   While all the girls are sleeping Diana whirls into Wonder Woman and heads for the sabotage scene where she finds Steve unconscious with a bomb about to explode. Unfortunately the saboteur escapes but she saves Steve and the scanning device from the explosion.

   Back in the girl's room they realize that Diana is not in her bed, but she quickly jumps back to the room and shows herself as if coming out of the shower. Lola gets back to her room and Monty Burns is waiting for her in the dark. We realize then that he's the saboteur and that their real plan is not to avoid the assembling of the scanning device but to kill Dwight D. Eisenhower. Etta calls Diana to warn her about Monty's plans, but he intercepts the call while he thinks they must get rid off her.

   At Punta Lobo the enemies prepares the ambush, while the parade begins at the Fort Russell theatre. Steve and Gral. Blankenship arrive at the airport in search of Eisenhower but they realize that he's on the way.

   Jealous of Diana, Rita takes her place in the magician act of Jack Wood unaware that a set of spotlights was disposed by Monty Burns to fall over. Lola opposes to Monty's plans to get rid off Diana, but she's stopped and trapped in one of those magic disappearing boxes. When Diana sees Monty about to cut the ropes of the set of lightning spots, she whirls into Wonder Woman and saves Rita. While Monty Burns  escapes, Etta tells Wonder Woman about the plans to kill Eisenhower and immediately heads for Punta Lobo.

"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"
"Beauty On Parade"

   Steve and Gral. Blankenship reached Eisenhower's car and try to warn him, but it seems it's too late since they found themselves surrounded by the enemies. Wonder Woman arrives and saves the day, capturing Burns and his allies.

   A few minutes later, back at the theatre Wonder Woman is chosen as Miss G.I. Dream Girl while Steve, Etta and General Blankenship wonder where in the world Diana could be...

"Beauty On Parade" "Beauty On Parade" "Beauty On Parade"


50:27 (50 minutes / unedited) / 60 minutes on commercial television.
Available on commercial VHS format on a collector's edition series released by Columbia House Video.
Available on commercial DVD format in the 3-DVD box-set "WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON".
The first of the episodes leaving behind the umbrella title of "THE NEW, ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN" and before getting a regular weekly slot.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the opening credits.
"WONDER WOMAN THEME" from the end credits.
"DIANA PARADISE" shows her dancing talent.
On this episode we see Diana Prince go for the first time undercover, posing as Diana Paradise. This would be the only time she goes undercover during the first season of the series. As Diana Paradise she dances and wears a red wig.
For the second time on the first season Wonder Woman lifts a car.
For the first time on the series they use the flash of light in the transformation and she doesn't touch her tiara like she usually did once she spins into Wonder Woman.
When Wonder Woman jumps out of the window in the middle of the night, when she steps out the ledge, it's clearly seen that there's still some day-light.
For the first and only time in the first season we see Lynda Carter as Diana Prince in a bathing suit.
Also for the first time we see Wonder Woman catching and throwing bombs!
On this episode Wonder Woman uses her lasso for the first time to catch two baddies at once!
The number of the jeep in which Steve and General Blankenship travel to Punta Lobo is U.S. Army 687432 and the patent is W-13208.
Wonder Woman doesn't use her bracelets on this episode neither she throws any bad guy.
This is the second and last time that Diana in disguise as somebody else twirls into Wonder Woman.
Not long after the shooting of this episode, Christa Helm was found murdered. It was said that her real character was not far from the type of woman she played in this episode.
They use for the first time the animation from the opening credits for the end credits.
SPINS: 2 times. Flash of light. She doesn't touch her tiara.
LASSO: 3 times. Wonder Woman uses her lasso twice to catch the baddies and one to climb a wall.
BRACELETS: 0 times.
JUMPS: 2 times.
MISCELLANEOUS SKILLS: Wonder Woman stops and lifts a car; climbs a wall with her lasso; and throws bombs.

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