Little Power Record #2303 - 1975

Wonder Woman - The Return of Brunhilde.

Little Power Record #2601

Wonder Woman In Prisoner of Christmas Island - Dick Giordano (Cover).

Power Record #517 - 1975.

Wonder Woman - "The Amazons from Space" "The Secret of the Magic Tiara" Wonder Woman Versus the War-God".

Power Record #35.

Wonder Woman - The Secret of the Magic Tiara

Power Record #8165 - Book and Record set - 1977:

Wonder Woman vs the War God - 8 pages - Neal Adams (art).

Wonder Woman and the Amazons from Space - 8 pages - Neal Adams (art).

Exciting Christmas Stories – Superman – Wonder Woman – Batman

Peter Pan 1977 – 33 ½ RPM – The Prisoner of Christmas Island.

Power Records “Secret of Magic Tiara” - 1976.

Wonder Woman "New World Symphony"
15. Wonder Woman Theme by The New World Symphony. 7" Single (45 RPM). © 1977 Shadybrook Records.

Wonder Woman Theme by The New World Symphony. 7" Single (45 RPM). © 1977 Shadybrook Records.

"El Rock De Maravilla"

ROCKCOMICS 7" "Wonder Woman" & "The Lone Ranger" PS 78'  45rpm / Artist: Rockcomics / Format: Single (7") / Country: Argentina / Label & Catalog No: Union Records, 30.001 / Year: 1978.


Mujer Maravilla

Artist: The Music People Format: Single (7")  Country: Argentina  Label & Catalog No: CBS, 122.962 Year: 1978.



Tema De La Mujer Maravilla

Artist: Sandy Barber Format: Single (7")  Country: Argentina  Label & Catalog No: Interdisc, SL-005 Year: 1978.

Wonder Woman - Cheetah on the Prowl - Fisher-Price Storytapes and book set - 1982 - 61 pages.

Story by Andrew Helfer, Illustrated by Ross Andru, Dick Giordano, Carl Gafford.

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