Date and Issue: Friday, September 16, 1994.
Pages: 2 pages.

Pictures: 1 color photo.

Article: One paragraph about Hawkeye in a 2-page article.

Author: Lisa Schwarzbaum.
Country: USA.

LYNDA CARTER The new syndicated adventure series Hawkeye, about a brave and beautiful frontierswoman and the mountain man who lights her fire, will probably remind you of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Certainly it'll bring to mind The Last of the Mohicans, the James Fenimore Cooper tale on which it is based. Lynda Carter, who plays heroine Elizabeth Shields opposite Lee Horsley as Hawkeye, will be particularly happy, however, if it makes you forget for at least a moment about Wonder Woman (1976-79), with which the former Maybelline spokesmodel will forever be identified.

     "Pretty soon people will look at me and say, `That old woman was Wonder Woman?' " says Carter, 43, shooting Hawkeye, her third series (No. 2 was 1984's Partners in Crime), in Vancouver. "But it's kind of fun to be regarded as a cult figure. I could resent it and be miserable. Or not. What am I going to fight it for?"

     What Carter did protest, fiercely, were fraud charges first brought in 1992 against her husband, Washington, D.C., lawyer Robert Altman, for his dealings with the scandal-ridden BCCI. "A year ago today was our victory day," she says of Altman's acquittal, which cost the couple $10 million in legal fees. "They tried to strong-arm my husband and bring him to his knees."

     After a decade of being a glamorous D.C.-based wife and mother of two, during which time she kept Hollywood gigs to a minimum, Carter is pleased to be on screen again, temporarily away from home and the whole political scene. "Washington is an incredible city," she says. "Interesting. Carnivorous." Compared with which, one assumes, Hawkeye's 18th-century wilds are a civilized delight.

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